My Mission

My mission is to educate people in cancer prevention and in oncology support. Understanding how and why we become ill in the first place, strategies to help the body regain homeostasis (balance) and ward off disease and live a healthier life.

One has to understand that in order for the body to be able to heal, it is not only the food you eat, which of course is very important, it is also the mind, the emotions, the spirit and soul of the individual. These are not separate entities, the mind and the body are connected.

This four part series of ebooks will give you guidance and understanding of ill health and changes that are under your control to live a healthier life. The next book in the series will explain in naturopathic terms why cells behave in an abnormal manner.

This book is currently being written and will be published in the not too distant future. These books are written for you to open your mind to take in the bigger picture and to understand that it is not just the organ where disease occurs, that you need to treat, but the whole person.

These books are not meant to diagnose or treat your individual circumstances. As always, seek the help of a health professional for your individual needs and diagnosis. Live the life you were meant to live, healthy.